Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Munson Park

Munson park is a narrow band situated on the river in the Crescentwood district of Winnipeg. It is oddly not very noticeable even though it is located along a major street with large residential homes and a few fancy condos. I haven't been there in 20 years I think.

It is not that large a park and not very busy, but has lovely vistas of the river. The brush close to the river looks pretty wild and natural to Manitoba but with the addition of tons of rhubarb growing wild, a reminder of early homesteads. The center part of the park is quite open and --- well park like. When we were there there were a few couples going for walks a couple of older individuals walking their dog, and a young woman in a nice suit eating her bag lunch. The grass in the center had a man on the ground doing his yoga moves with great seriousness and concentration.

John Munsen, a prominent Winnipeg lawyer, had his farm estate and home constructed here on the river in 1889.

It next became the home of the Richardson family in 1919 and they eventually had the house demolished and then donated the property to the city for a park in 1976.

The trail still running through the park was a transportation trail along the river dating to the days of the fur trade and used by traders and early pioneers traveling west from Upper Fort Gary.

Very cool to think that we were walking a path has been in use through the whole history of our city.



Participaction is back!

Participaction was a popular government sponsored healthy living promotion that Bob and I remember from the early 70's. Well it is back! They are touring 31 cities in Canada and were in Winnipeg last Sunday and we went to try out their event.

It was a challenge to go on an "In Motion walking rally" and scavenger hunt around the Assiniboine Park and read some clues about how many steps are involved in some common activities as part of healthy living. First they had a prominent athlete speak and then a govenment official. We were let in a little stretch warmup, picked up the new pedometers they were giving everyone and we were on out way.

The walk was along major sidewalks so it was very walker friendly. The lady giving out the pedometers told we where we could take a short cut and cut the distance in half when she saw I was going with the walker but it was only a kilometer and a half and I knew I could walk that far. I must admit I was pretty sore by the end. I seem to be straining things on my "good side" a bit especially now that I am walking more. Bob and Emily took a while to throw around a foot ball they had available and they had a great time. We had to stop at Canadian tire and had to pick up one of the cool orange and purple balls for our own.

We got back from our scavenger hunt and put our names into a draw and it was shock to have both Bob and Emily have their names called. They each got a nice canvas tote, hat, shirt, a metal water bottle and some paper and a chap stick. I was pretty happy with some of the booklets that they were giving out. They have a few very good resources.

Check out the ParticipACTION website for lots of good ideas.

And don't miss the Manitoba in Motion website that is sponsering healthy living through activity in Manitoba.

There was another interesting event going on at the park at the same time. Herbfest, an activity of the Herb Society of Manitoba was held in the grounds of the park near the conservatory. It was a collection of vendors and entertainers and it was kind of a different mix of events than I have been to before. It was fun but I was pretty darn exausted by that point in the day and I needed to get home and have a real rest.

Herb demonstration garden located at the park with the tents set up for Herbfest showing in the background.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day 2009

Happy Canada Day!