Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In the Neighbourhood

My walking has been slowed down a little for the last few weeks. My husband had a health problem and couldn't get around much for a while but the good news is he is now doing well and part of his recovery is going for lots of little walks!

We have been walking to the library which is only about three blocks away and it makes a nice little trip with a distraction in the middle. The bonus is new books to look at when we get home.

On the way home we are walking through the playground of a school two of our children attended. There is an interesting play structure. One of my daughter's grade one classmates was severely injured in a pedestrian car accident right in front of the school and the impact on the whole school was vast. After the little friend was back at school there was a huge drive to replace the structure with something more accessible. There was an awful lot of heated discussion about the wisdom of taking down a relatively new structure and how necessary a new structure was but the decision was made that accessibility was a right in the playground as well as the classroom. Next came the endless parent fundraisers and wrapping paper selling because it seems the school board left the arrangements and paying to the school and the school's parent teacher association.

I walked up the ramp of this current accessible structure with my walker yesterday and this play equipment is a very good thing. A child might not be able to play with all the features of this structure but at least they could be in the middle of the action instead of forced to watch from the sidelines. When we were in the middle of negotiating accessible school yards I approved of the project but didn't work too hard at making it happen. How my understanding has changed with time and changes to my own life and mobility!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A first canoe trip brings the joy of new vantage point for a little guy.

Live your life each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance toward the summit keeps the goals in mind but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point.

By Harold B. Melchart

Sunday, June 7, 2009

More Pictures from Riding Mountain

This is me "On the Trail"

Us at the Hotel

Behind the golf course at the hotel

Pine stand on the hiking trail

Catherine Lake

A tree damaged in a lightning strike

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wheel and Walk

Supporting SAM
I have been attending activities at an organization called Stroke Recovery Association of Manitoba. It has come to mean a lot to me over the past several months. The support of other stroke survivors has helped me keep looking forward and in the process I have made many wonderful new friends and I have found a few ways to feel useful at a time when I have given up so many of my normal activities and volunteer commitments. Today was a major fundraiser the "Annual Wheel and Walk" It was held at te Assiniboine Park. There were , bagels to begin with and Pizza for lunch. Rainbow Auction and of course the walking part! Participants asked to have donations made to SAM in support of our walking, or rolling, but mainly this was a fun family style event.

Assiniboine Park Map

Brûlé Trail in Riding Mountain National Park

I asked if it was a good trail.. Honest!!

We had a midweek getaway in Riding Mountain National Park, about 3 hours from our home, and when we visited the park's touristy town we went to the Parks Visitor Center. The place is a beautiful log building built in the 1930's and has a great old fashioned museum and gift shop. I asked the cute young girl at the desk for her suggestions. I told her I didn't need to have a wheelchair rated trail but that I needed something level that I could push my walker over. She suggested the Brûlé trail. She said it was lovely, well groomed and rated as easy and after we hiked we could visit a lovely lake, Catherine Lake, just down the road.

Okay that sounds perfect!! I had no doubt that I could walk the distance of the trail. Well! We were only 15 minutes up this self guided trail when we found the trail changed to a wooded area with Pine roots crossing the trail in a huge tangles mass. It was really impassible using the walker. We didn't know if it was just a short section and we should persevere forward or we should turn back. The next area was a small ravine. The sensation of going downhill pretty much freaks me out at the moment and I was in tears and shaking by this point. Bob who wasn't feeling great himslef had to carry the walker and I clutched his arm for balance and stepped slowly and carefully onward. The trail really was beautiful and very interesting but it sure wasn't a good choice of someone who needs a walker! We kept going forward and the woods changed again and the last half wasn't anywhere as difficult for the last half. I was ultimately very proud of myself and feel I met a real huge challenge. When we got back to the hotel I could hardly move and more or less collapsed for the rest of the evening.

The next day was our "Spa Experience Day" and Bob and I had our very first massages ever and played in the hot tub and spa waters before packing up the car and heading back to our home in the city.

I was walked out.

Kings Park

Walk the Labyrinth and Hike the Trails

Kings Park is a lovely city park located near our university. It is almost surrounded by water and has a few interesting features like a pagoda and terrace area. As usually in Winnipeg the river views are particularly fantastic. A new addition at the Park is the Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth. We attended an event at the new labyrinth called Exploring Sacred Spaces - Labyrinth Experience

I wasn't ready to actually walk the labyrinth, especially in a crowd, but it sure was interesting to see. I have been attending a group about Mindfulness, Wellness and Meditation and I am just starting to broaden my horizons. I am taking baby steps exploring new ways of thinking.

We didn't get as far walking around the park as we wanted to so we will just come back and try and get a little further later in the summer.

Kildonan Park

My husband, my friend Barb and I went to Kildonan park for our first "outing" walk but it sure won't be our last. We had a wonderful time together and have plans for lots of other locations to visit.

Kildonan Park is the home of our city's major outdoor theater Rainbow Stage. That is where Bob and I went for our very first official date almost 30 years ago. It has literally been decades since we went walking there.

A favorite place to visit is the Witches Hut.
Witches Hut
Picture from the City of Winnipeg website.

The park features beautiful gardens but it is too early for much to be growing so far this year. The walking trail wind around various planing areas, through picnic areas and one lovely route follows the river. The walk around the park is 1.9 kilometers.

Click here for Google Maps

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Getting Going

I have been walking!
Yes really... me!!

This started as part of therapy to get me mobile after a serious health crisis, and much to my surprise I like it! My goal is to go walking in a variety of different locations in my neighborhood, my city, my province and anywhere else life leads me. I plan to try to remember my camera and share some of the interesting sights. Hopefully as I walk more I will be able to do even longer walks and hikes and I can share my progress toward recovery and reaching a healthy life too!