Sunday, April 25, 2010

Alicia's Birthday

We walked to restaurant called Cora's for brunch. Alicia loves this place and she loves brunch so it was a natural as a belated Birthday treat for her.

We went for quite the little walk.. to make up for all of the calories we planned on consuming.

We had a nice brunch and then we walked some more to pick up a few things at Safeway. By time we got to there I was reconsidering this little walk for brunch outing. I sat on my walker outside Safeway and felt pretty sorry
for myself before we even began to head home.

We were on our own block when I decided I absolutely could not keep going without sitting for a few minutes. Bob got behind me and suddenly went.. PUSH down the sidewalk!

Alicia had the camera and managed to catch my shocked expression.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter at the Assiniboine Forest

We did something different for Easter this year. We left Alicia to cook Easter Dinner and Bob and I went for a walk. We drove to the Assiniboine Forest which is very close to our house. The weather was really pretty warm for Easter and the snow was disappearing. It was so good to get out there doing something active.

The pavement has heaved up with the ice over the winter. Most of the trail wasn't all this horrible but I sure would not want someone with a wheelchair to try this trail which is supposed to be accessible. They are opening new extensions to the trails in this forest soon, but I sure hope they invest a bit into maintaining the part they have already made.

We got such a kick out of watching these birds. They were walking around on the still frozen areas of the pond in the forest and occasionally they they would go in for a swim. At one point we saw one goose just plain fall through the ice. There was such a lot of excitement as it arched and flapped, trying to get itself free from under the ice and up on the water again. We were entertained by the sign at the pond's edge as we watched the geese struggling. See the goose head beside the sign??

When we finished walking the shorter length forest trail we decided to get back in our car and go to the Assiniboine Park and look at the river from the far side of the foot bridge. I love how this picture shows the huge blocks of ice pushed to the shore as a result of the river breakup and spring thaw. We will have to go there again in the summer when the view of the same location will seem so different.